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Best Golf Gloves Recommendations for Men and Women 2022

One of the important pieces of equipment in doing the sport of golf is best golf gloves. Good gloves will support the performance of a golfer’s punches. Gloves should make the hands feel comfortable and can be a solution when the hands sweat due to hot weather.

That’s why you have to choose the right golf glove product. Not only to support performance, but gloves also make you look cool on the field.

Best Golf Gloves Products

You don’t need to be confused about choosing the best golf glove products. In this article, you will know these products, from their design to function. Here’s the list:

PGM ST-004 Microfiber Gloves

PGM ST-004 Microfiber Gloves golf gloves are made of microfiber material so that it makes the texture feel very smooth on the hands. With high technology, the manufacturer of this product has produced quality products that are able to absorb sweat on the hands to the maximum.

You don’t have to worry about your hands getting wet with sweat at all. To ensure dry hands, these gloves are also designed to have nets so that the flow of air into your gloves becomes smoother.

Present in neutral colors, these golf gloves can be used by both men and women. As for the size, this product comes in sizes 20 and 25 cm. However, for the type, this glove only has a one-handed type, that is, the left hand.

Another advantage of this glove product is its very easy maintenance. You can freely wash it without having to worry about the product becoming damaged.

Polo Golf Gloves

The next recommended golf glove is the Polo Golf Gloves. As a brand known for its good quality products, Polo presents Polo Golf Gloves with high-quality leather materials. This product can be used in all types of weather. So you don’t have to worry about any weather when playing golf if you use this product.

In addition, these gloves are also equipped with advanced performance leather technology that serves to absorb palm sweat to the maximum. Meanwhile, for the design, Polo Golf Gloves will make you look trendy on the course.

Callaway Tour Hybrid Glove 19 JM

Next up is the Callaway Tour Hybrid Glove 19 JM. These golf gloves are made of goat leather, synthetic leather, and polyester. Leather material is used for the palm, while polyester is used on the back of the hand. The combination of these materials makes these gloves very comfortable to use.

With this comfort, your punches will become more maximal. As for the design, this product has small pores that will help your palms stay dry.

This one-handed golf glove comes in five sizes, namely, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 cm.

Puma Golf Formation Gloves

Puma Golf Formation Gloves Puma Golf Formation Gloves by: Amazon Co Uk

Golf glove products from the Puma brand can be said to have premium quality. Nevertheless, the price is not too expensive. So, this product is highly recommended.

These gloves have a specially designed one-handed type. The design gives air holes in the fingers so that your palms can remain dry even if playing in hot weather.

For the material, these gloves are made from synthetic leather and lycra materials. These materials make your hands feel comfortable and not stuffy when used. Not only that but these gloves are also equipped with a BioCell embossed layer that can help improve your grip while holding a golf club. That way, the acceleration of your punch will be maximal.

Footjoy Pure Touch Golf Glove

The next one is the Glove Footjoy Pure Touch Golf Glove. This product will make you feel the natural sensation of holding a punching stick. Made from high-quality leather with a production process using cutting-edge technology, this product is one of the best gloves on the market.

Another advantage, this product is fairly durable based on the recognition of golfers who use it. Regarding the price, this product has a price tag that can be said to be standard, considering the quality and name that is very well known.

These golf gloves are available in sizes 23, 24, 25, and 26. For those of you who are looking for golf gloves, this product is highly recommended.

Nevertoolavish X Thanksinsomnia Golf Gloves

The next recommended product is golf gloves from the collaboration of Nevertoolavish and Thanksinsomnia. For young golfers, this product is very suitable for your hands.

Not only will it look cool and modern, but this product also promises comfort when you use it. Because this product is made from quality sheepskin and lycra. The design is also very good. These golf gloves will feel fit in your hands, light, and soft.

Torch Toya

The last one is Torch Toya. This product is a golf glove that is suitable for you beginner golfers, both men and women. These gloves have a soft texture and feel warm on the hands. The fingers are designed to be open and the price is quite affordable.

That’s the list of the seven best golf glove products for men and women. These products are highly recommended for you if you want to feel a more comfortable sensation in playing golf.