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Hoka One One MACH Running Shoe Review: That Makes Running Not Intermittent

Gathered together people who want to run always have a boring chat. Many of them always think about the cool gear thing to run, not a way to make more enthusiasm to find sweat. The standard question, “Uh, what good shoes to run, huh?” is a question that is repeated when you want to run the next day.

If you often join the running community together, you must have also received questions like just now. The thing is, there’s a lot to be given to that question, but the answer is definitely that… Nike again, Adidas again. Fortunately, there was a friend who suggested a running shoe brand whose name is a bit unfamiliar to the ear, Hoka One One.

Hoka One One MACH running shoe review

A big box wrapped in plastic came into my room. Just looking at the box, we knew immediately that it was a shoebox. Feeling the weight, the box is not like the shoes we used to buy. Opening it amazed us because it was really a running shoe box.

“Where are my socks?”

With a moment of movement, we suddenly got ready to try these shoes in the morning. The dew is not too cold, the sun has not been hot. Running around the housing around the office has been easily dispersed. Preliminary conclusion: these running shoes are really cool!

Light and Soft

Light and Soft Shoes

It’s true of everything Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard thought of making padded running shoes. Indeed, this Hoka One One MACH running shoe has an inner sole that can reduce foot shock when running. Some people think the soles of these shoes are the heights to run again. However, at least these shoes do not make the feet sore quickly.

We also tried these shoes on the treadmill. Yes, again, the Hoka One One MACH is quite comfortable to wear on the walking tape of that knee-painful treadmill. BukaReview tried these running shoes for about 15 minutes on a treadmill without stopping at an average speed of 9 miles per hour. One word: delicious!

The design of the shoes is big

For people who often wear straight, slim, and signet running shoes, Hoka One ONE MACH will definitely look fat. Many sides make this running shoe look very fat when compared to other brands.

First, a large sole definitely makes these running shoes look big. The upper part of the shoe is certainly made wider. Wearing these shoes makes your appearance bulge at the bottom. How to outsmart it, wear pants that are a bit culvert if you are less tired with these shoes.

The Straps Are Flexible, Soft Shoe Material

Not something to be proud of, anyway. However, the straps are very good just right to wear the shoes. So, the straps are pulled and lengthened slightly to make it easier for you to tie your shoes. Amazingly, this flexible strap makes it easier for you to open shoes.

By the way of shoe material, we instead expect all shoe manufacturers to wear this material. Hoka One One uses knit material with a slightly visible cavity that makes the feet can breathe when running. Inside, there is the foam that also protects the legs. Anyway, the feet feel comfortable inside.

Price? Yes, not bad

Hoka One One Market is indeed a person whose hobby of running has entered the level rather seriously. So, the shoes he sells are quite valuable. Hoka One One MACH running shoes are also sold for $ 49.99 (Market price on eBay). However, the running shoes you get can be said to be good.

Well, if you want to try also Hoka One One shoes, just try to see the product recommendations in this article. I swear, I’m not going to miss it, haha.


Pros Cons
Light Big design
Soft Material Not too pliable
Thick and soft soles
Flexible shoelaces