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Puma 365R Football Review: Entry-Level Balls for Casual Play

Puma 365R Football Review – If there is a question about what sport is the most popular worldwide, we believe the answer is only one, football. Nowadays football is not just a sport, but one of the most powerful ways to unify the people.

Looking back, we could even play football without a decent ball. Instead, we use tennis balls, plastic balls, to plastic bottles of mineral water. And for the goal, just by wearing flip-flops.

That’s why we were finally moved to find a football made by a well-known sports manufacturer, high quality, and has an affordable price for sure. After finding which ball could meet our criteria in the marketplace, finally, the choice fell on the Puma 365R ball.

We have tried several times to play using Puma 365R balls, so we already know enough about the advantages and disadvantages of this Puma sports product. Check out the review here.

Puma 365R ball review

Equipped with capable materials

Puma itself is a sports equipment manufacturer from Germany so you no longer need to doubt the quality. In addition to Nike and Adidas, the Puma brand is the world’s largest manufacturer of clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. Not a few names of famous football players who work with Puma, such as Kun Aguero, Hector Bellerin, and Antoine Grizmann.

It is also what makes us confident in the quality of the Puma 365R ball. Although this ball is specially made for entry-level, the Puma 365R ball is equipped with quite capable material.

In its outer construction, the Puma 365R ball uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material. TPU material gives the impression of soft and soft on the feet while being able to trap air more perfectly. The texture is not the same as other balls, this ball has a surface with a special texture so that it can give you grip and grip very well.

Perfect durability

Perfect durability Puma 365R Perfect durability Puma 365R (source:buka lapak w/License Creative Commons)

As explained above, the Puma 365R ball is an entry-level ball, so it is certainly not suitable when you are used for professional football matches. But if you use this ball to play on the weekend, this ball will be very right for you.

The combination of multi-layer construction plus high-density latex makes this product has very low absorption of water. If you are looking for a ball that does not gain weight when exposed to water so that your shot remains tight even when it rains heavily, this product is the choice.

The right size for adults

Actually, the ball itself has 3 sizes, namely size 3, size 4, and size 5. The Puma 365R ball is a size 5, making it just right for adults to use. Ball size 5 has a diameter of 8.5-9 inches or equivalent to 22-22.5 cm. The weight of a size 5 ball is about 14-16 ozs or equivalent to 0.40 – 0.45 kg. A size 5 ball is the standard size used for professional and world matches.


In conclusion, Puma 365R balls are the right choice for those of you who play football just as a hobby to sweat in your spare time.

Pros Cons
Have a good grip Only have one color choice
Low water absorbing ability The black color makes it dirty quickly.
The right size for adults
Easy to control