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7 Recommendations for Quality Mountain Shoe Brands

As a nature lover, mountain climbing is an activity that is commonly done. Mountaineering is fun. However, when climbing the mountain, do not forget to use mountain shoes that are comfortable to use. Considering the wrong choice of shoes to climb the mountain can make our climb even harder.

List of the best mountain shoes

Mountain shoes Pros
Eiger Rocky RKD0032 Can be used for daily. Up-to-date features.
SNTA 603 Women Series Fashionable design. Affordable price. Has a lot of color options.
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Equipped with leather and rubber materials. Has a special series for women. With premium quality polyester.
Ecco Ulterra LO GTX The upper part uses leather. Equipped with Receptor Stability feature.
Quechua Arpenaz Waterproof coating. Can be worn by women. Affordable price.
Trekking Gelert Low Affordable price. Strong outsole. Masculine design.
Columbia Conspiracy III Outdry Equipped with Outdry Technology. With Techlite Midsole pads. Has an Omni-Grip Outsole.

Tips for caring for and washing mountain shoes

Choose the right cleaning tool

Mountain shoes are divided into two parts, namely the top and bottom. And each part of the shoe uses a different cleaning tool. For the top (outside) you can use a wet cloth or a soft brush that is applied slowly and slightly pressured. This is intended to keep the layer. For the top (inside) you must first remove the shoe insole, then use a dry fine brush to clean the inside. Then for the shoe insole, you can clean with a wet smooth brush.

Cleaning materials

For cleaning agents, the safest is clean water without a soap mixture. Never use detergent in cleaning your mountain shoes, because it will quickly damage your mountain shoe material. But in some cases, the use of soap can soften a kind of thin layer that helps dispel the water that will seep into the inside of the shoe. Especially in waterproof mountain shoes, it would be highly recommended to use clean water only to maintain the waterproof layer.

Treatment before storage

Mountain shoe materials are usually made of two types, namely leather and canvas, as well as a combination of the two. The way of treatment before pumping leather shoes is to shine the shoes before the shoes approach dry, this is done to keep moisture so that the skin is not dry.

How to store

After all the stages are done so that your mountain shoes are clean and dry, stuff lumps of paper into your shoes to keep the shape of the shoes as they were. Use plain paper, avoid using newspaper to avoid patching or splashing newspaper ink.

Here are 7 recommendations for the best mountain shoe brand and their reviews.

Eiger Rocky RKD0032, suitable for use as mountain shoes and hiking boots

Eiger Rocky RKD0032 Eiger Rocky RKD0032 Mountain Shoes (Image by: content co id)

Eiger is one of the 100% locally made mountain shoe brands that has excellent quality. Almost everyone who climbs the mountain is no stranger to this one brand. Not long ago, Eiger was a brand used by Aksa 7 climbers when climbing the 7 highest mountains in Indonesia.

Although you rarely go up the mountain, Eiger Black mountain shoes are still recommended. These shoes are also very comfortable to use as tracking or daily shoes. Comes with quality and a trendy look, making this one brand always the choice of climbers. You can have these shoes for $243.55 (you can buy them on the official website)

SNTA 603 Women Series, strong and soft used on the legs

If you have the desire to use mountain shoes that are fashionable, strong and of course save money in your pocket, then SNTA is a brand that you can choose from. SNTA is a fairly new brand, however, it is already known among climbers.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex, suitable for both men and women

Not all hiking boots are designed specifically for adamites. Currently, there are mountain shoes that are also designed for women. Adidas Outdoor Terrex is one of the outdoor shoes that issue a series for women. Adidas Outdoor Terrex comes with materials in the form of leather, rubber, and polyester of premium quality. Related to the choice of color is also very complete so that it can be adjusted to your taste.

Ecco Ulterra LO GTX, sturdy and elegant at the feet of climbers

Ecco Ulterra LO GTX is an outdoor shoe that is very suitable for you to choose. This one mountain shoe comes with a layer of leather on the top. Regarding its quality, there is no need to doubt it. This one shoe comes with Receptor Stability technology so that it can support your body’s balance when passing through steep terrain.

Quechua Arpenaz Waterproof Hiking looks elegant in dark colors

The list of the best mountain shoes for men and women that you can make the next choice is Quechua. This one brand is famous for being quite good, and durable so we highly recommend it for all of you.

Trekking Gelert Low Black offered at affordable prices

Trekking shoes from the Trekking brand are one type of mountain shoe that you can rely on.

Columbia Conspiracy III Outdry Waterproof, waterproof mountain shoes

It cannot be denied if the weather on the mountain is sometimes erratic. With this, automatically the climbers must prepare themselves when climbing. It can rain at any time. To anticipate the impact that is not good, then you can overcome it by using waterproof footwear.

Columbia Conspiracy this one is a tracking shoe that has been equipped with Outdry Technology so that this one mountain shoe is waterproof when used. Moreover, the Columbia Conspiracy III Outdry Waterproof is equipped with Techlite Midsole bearings and Omni-Grip Outsole, so it will be very comfortable and light when used during climbing.

Those are the seven best mountain shoe recommendations. Which one is your choice?

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