author Alfaiz Erfolg

3 Types of Nike Futsal Shoes You Need to Know

Football and futsal do both play ball, but it is actually different. Starting from the number of players, rules, types of fields to the size of the field is not the same. Likewise, shoes, futsal shoes, and football have many differences. Those of you who like to play futsal can choose Nike futsal shoes to wear.

The quality of Nike futsal shoes is unquestionable. You can choose Nike futsal shoes according to your needs. Because in playing futsal each player has a different character and of course, the shoes must be adjusted to the character of the player so that it is more maximal in competing.

Did you know, that Nike futsal shoes have three variants of the type that are tailored to the character of the player? Let’s look at three types of Nike futsal shoes that you need to know.

Nike Futsal Shoes for Shooter Type

As the name implies, a shooter is suitable for those of you who like to play on the front line and are tasked to tear apart the opponent’s defense. If you are a player with this character, the selected futsal shoes must be strong on each side and the size fits on the foot, but not too tight on the end of the foot. The goal is to anticipate changes in foot position when you want to shoot towards the goal.

Shooter-type futsal shoes also provide a tight kick and help your shot accuracy better. Nike Mercurial Victory V IC is a futsal shoe that is suitable for those of you who like to do hard shooting movements at high running speed. This futsal shoe has the basic material of Teijin Synthetic so it has very lightweight and makes it easier for you to run. In addition, there are also Nike shooter-type futsal shoes that you can choose from such as Nike T90 and Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3.

Nike Futsal Shoes for Passer Type

Those of you who like to give long and short passes, seize and pass the ball accurately to other players, then you better choose futsal shoes with passer type. This type of futsal shoe has a wide and strong sole structure so you will easily pass the ball in the intended direction well and easily.

This type of player who serves as the creator of attacks on his team requires accuracy to make passes. Well, if you belong to that type, you can choose Nike CTR 360 futsal shoes. The shoes are designed to provide stability in dribbling and playing as a team. Other passer-type Nike futsal shoes are Nike Elastico, or Nike Gato.

Nike Futsal Shoes for Dribbler or Controller Type

Are you happy to rub your opponent or dribblings like Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo? If yes, then you have to choose lighter futsal shoes and the soles are wider. Shoes with wide soles make you move agile and more comfortable in controlling the ball for a long time.

Nike-type Tiempo Genio Leather II IC is the right futsal shoe for those of you who want to improve the quality of your ball control. This shoe uses a pre-molded EVA sockliner in its outsole section. While the basic material uses cowhide and coupled with Hydrophobic technology that makes this shoe very light when used. You can also choose the Nike Five Series.

Well, if you belong to which type? With the three types of Nike futsal shoes above, now you can determine a suitable futsal shoe.